Real G-cup Breasts

by Julia K Szopa February 04, 2014 0 Comments

Want to see how big real G cup breasts are?

Perhaps you've been thinking that ladies who get to wear bras size G must have really gigantic breasts. And that they badly need a breast reduction.


Don't get it so literally. After all G stands for gorgeous, not gigantic! The letter G, without a number for the bra's band size does not really mean anything. A 28G bra has significantly smaller cups than a bra size 38G. A 28G bra has cups similar to somewhere around 34D. The difference is that its band is tighter, so it fits ladies with smaller ribcages.

Here you can see real women (huge thanks to our fabulous models!) in well-fitting G-cup size bras. Can you see how different 'G cup breasts' are on women of different shapes? And that if they wear a properly fitted bra, they can feel really comfortable and don't even have to think about breast reduction!

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Julia K Szopa
Julia K Szopa