5 Reasons Why Polish Bras Get So Much Hype

by Julia K Szopa February 04, 2016 0 Comments

Poland is a 40M people country in Central Europe, and it's not just where the best pierogi come from. Poland is where busty women from all around the world find the holy grail of bras. Here is why:

Polish woman blowing flour dust from a loaf of bread

#1 Polish bras come in huge size range

Compared with majority of mainstream brands, which rarely go beyond 5 cup and 5 band sizes (and if they do, it is as a part of their “plus size” collection), the Polish bra makers have a hyper-inclusive approach to sizing.

It is a standard there to offer band sizes 30-50 (EU 65 - 115) and cups A through M. No respected Polish lingerie brand ends the alphabet with G. Which brings us to the question: how can they do that, if nobody else can?

#2 Polish bras are nothing like what you find in chain stores

Unlike in the US, where the lingerie market is dominated by Victoria’s Secret, in Poland it is extremely fragmented. There are several hundreds independent lingerie manufacturers in Poland, mostly mom & pop operations with annual turnover rarely exceeding $3M a year. These small companies have formed a diversified ecosystem where manufacturers compete for customers with quality, aesthetics and design.

#3 Polish bras are crafted, not mass-made

Polish lingerie brands make their bras in Poland, not Asia. Their production infrastructure heavily relies on talent of skilled cutters and seamstresses, reflected in much higher quality of final product. They do not import 5 sizes of mold foam cups in bulk from Alibaba.com, but make their own, adding dimension with multiple parts sewn together.

Had these manufacturers depended on offshore production of bra parts, they would be constrained by minimum order volumes. And with some sizes needed only by infinitesimal fraction of clients, they soon would be out of business.

#4 Polish bras are great for slender, yet busty women

Average weight of an adult woman in Poland is 141 lbs (64kg), and substantial bust size is not uncommon there. This makes narrow bands with bigger cups very popular sizes among Polish customers.

But these sizes are also tricky when it comes to wires. Too wide the wires in a small band bra, and the discomfort for the client is unbearable.

#5 Polish bras are famous for narrow wires

Compared with British brands for full bust, the bras made in Poland often offer deeper cups and more forward projection. While individual wire sizes might vary across different manufacturers, the pressure from customers with D+ cups in 34- bands favors suppliers who make wires suitable for that the size segment.

#6 Polish bra makers listen to their customers

Almost all bra manufacturers in Poland sell under their own brand. That’s very different from mass factories in Asia whose primary clients are buyers from lingerie companies or retail chains. For Polish bra makers the primary customer is the bra wearer.

Polish lingerie manufacturers have been extremely responsive to feedback provided by bra bloggers and their readers. Since 2007 the famous Polish blog Stanikomania (“Bra-mania”) has been helping bra makers understand the struggles of women who fall of the old standard size charts, and the members of Balkonetka.pl community have reviewed over 17 thousand bras.

At Wellfitting, we sell exclusively Polish bras. We work with the very same manufacturer that makes Comexim bras and we ship them straight to you from our studio. That’s why we can cut the costs of middlemen and offer you hard-to-find sizes at a Victoria’s Secret price.

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Top 15 Polish Bra Makers:

  1. Alles
  2. Ava
  3. Avocado
  4. Comexim
  5. Corin
  6. Dalia
  7. Ewa Bien
  8. Ewa Michalak
  9. Gaia
  10. Gorsenia
  11. Gorteks
  12. Kinga
  13. Konrad
  14. Kris Line
  15. Samanta
Main photo credit: By Albin Olsson, CC BY-SA 3.0

Julia K Szopa
Julia K Szopa


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