Liftsational Classic Demi in Beige | 38A - 50G

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If you want a little bit less coverage on top, and a little bit more projection on the bottom, this cut will work like magic! Sensationally uplifting, and definitely more open, while still on the modest side, compared to typical mass market half-cup or shelf bras.

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If all your current bras feel to loose for you.
If this is your first Wellfitting bra or you like loose fit.

Rounds your breasts up from the very bottom

Classy and hourglassy, rounded and unbounded.

Never doubt your breasts

"Can I take you bra shopping to test my fitting skills with you?" — I asked my colleague. 

"Sure, but... I don't have these ginormous boobs like you do, mine never grew." — she fundamentally doubted the sense. "I'm a 38A, there is literally nothing to fit in a bra."

Oh boy. We went bra shopping the same day.

In the changing room I took off my bra to demonstrate the difference a well fitting bra makes.

"Gosh, your boobs are so saggy! And all that time I thought you had two perfect spheres!" — now, having seen mine, she felt secure enough to spend the next 30 minutes trying on different bras. 

She didn't look at the size tags, only until at the cashier desk:

"32D??? Am I really buying a bunch of 32Ds?!"

Later that day she went to the mall again to buy a bunch of cleavage revealing tops.

Say goodbye to bra riding up on the back

Effect on Your Breasts:

  • Rounding
  • Uplift
  • Marie Antoinette style cleavage
  • Modest contouring

Full Design Specs:

Ultra light foam lining yes
Seams on cup yes
Narrow wires yes
Gore height Mid-height
Cup separation ¾ inch
Band height Regular
U-back/leotard back yes
Side boning no
Fully adjustable straps yes
# Rows of hooks 3
# Hooks to fasten 2 to 3, depends on cup size
Origin From Poland with


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