Our Story

We are two sisters with one goal: to empower every woman to live her life to the fullest in a perfectly fitting bra.

No retouching or scalpels involved

Everyday millions of women suffer from back & neck pain, pinching wires, and low self-esteem, just because their breasts fall of the standard size charts. As two young women who had gone through all of this, we were lucky to finally find bras that fit perfectly. It transformed our lives. We believe every woman, regardless of her shape or size, deserves the same experience.

When you put on a bra that fits, you can feel your inner power. You realize how hard it is to shake your true confidence.

Badly fitting bras cause intense daily discomfort, affect spinal health and make women hate their bodies. In our survey, 74% of women said they wish their breasts were different size, just to be able to wear well fitting lingerie. To us it means just one thing: there is something really off about the bra industry.

The lingerie industry these days is all about mass production and fast fashion. It is powered by marketing to clients who are easy to sell and don’t demand too much beyond low price and glamorous appeal. The result: narrow size options, low quality, unsustainable production, labor force exploitation, massive markups. Everything to compensate the exorbitant costs of a traditional mass market business.

In 2013, frustrated with the lack of size options and sexualized marketing of bras, Julia left her career at a venture accelerator in Palo Alto and together with Amelia, a product design undergrad, the sisters started Wellfitting.

We teamed up with one of the top Polish bra manufacturer Comexim to ethically produce over 130 sizes of lingerie and swimwear in their independent studio. Comexim bras were truly a life-changing experience to us. No wires digging, no straps slipping, breasts cleaving to the chest in the most rounded shape we’ve ever seen. And all of that possible in cups A through O, bands 26 to 50.

2 years later, and having empowered women in 19 countries with perfectly fitting plunges, longlines and demis, we know for sure our mission is worth pursuing. We are committed to expand Wellfitting’s offer with more infallible bra cuts in modern styles and prints.

We believe every woman has a right to feel proud of her breasts, whether big or small, natural or enhanced, nursing or not.

We are confident one day every woman will be able to experience the confidence and support of a perfectly fitting bra. Together we can make it happen.