Get a Free Bra!

Weirdly Shaped Well Photographed in Wellfitting Bravura Longline Bra

We love to work with bloggers and social media influencers so much, we are giving away well fitting bras to everybody who would like to review us on their website or fanpage.

That’s right: FREE bras for bloggers and social media trendsetters!

Whether you love your Wellfitting bra or not, it is your feedback that motivate us to drive our mission forward. We want to learn from you and your followers as much as possible, in the most transparent way.

How to get it?

We only require that you are an active blogger (which means you post no less than twice a month and your blog is at least 6 months old) or you run a Facebook fanpage or group with at least 500 followers or members. Your audience should be mostly women, interested in lingerie, bra fitting, women empowerment. If your group is private we’d like you to let us in.

In exchange for a free bra we ask you to write and post an honest review to your blog or fanpage, along with the photos you take and a link to our website.


Are you a web celebrity with more than 5000 followers?

Please contact mayday@wellfitting.com and let’s discuss how we can work together to help more women live to their fullest!

Check out the bloggers we have worked with so far: