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How a Bra Should Fit?

Did you know that 90% of women wear badly fitted bras? They wear uncomfortable undergarments that give no support and cause back pain. Discover how a bra should really fit so it makes you feel beautiful, sexy and confident.

Our team member Julia compares an industry standard Victoriaโ€™s Secret bra in size 38DDD and a Wellfitting bra in size 36HH. Julia's wearing Comexim Leopard Plunge bra.

The band

The band gives the most support to your breasts. It should lay flat and horizontally all around your body. It should be firm and not ride up on your back. Bras wear out and the band gets stretched. We recommend fitting the bra when fastened with the loosest hook.

The gore

The gore of the bra is the part between cups. In a well-fitted bra it should lay flat against your chest. You shouldnโ€™t be able to stick a finger between the bra and your body. Loose gore causes the wires cut into your body and hurt.

The cups

The cups of a well-fitted bra should be big enough to fit your breast. The cup is too small if your breasts spill out of it on the sides and in front. The cups are too big if they leave empty space between breasts and the fabric.

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