Real Women in #Wellfitting Bras

The bloggers who tried our bras share their reviews. Here's what they're saying:

Pinup Pam: This particular longline bra is a little different as it does not have the side and front boning in the band, which makes it more comfortable than others I’ve tried in the past.
Size pictured: 34J
PinupPam in Wellfittin Liftsational Longline Demi 34J
I've been wearing it all day and it's been so comfy but also looks so great!
Size pictured: 32HH

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A Bra That Fits (XUENYLOM): Fit aside – this cleavage is actually amazing for me.
Size pictured: 30K
A Bra That Fits (XUENYLOM): There is more coverage and no quadboob. If it looks like there is quadboob, then it’s an illusion. The cups perfectly lay flat against my boobs at the top. This is the best part of the fit.
Size pictured: 30K
The Musings of Renzilla
Size pictured: 30DDD
Roxanne Loves Bras: The longline Demi from @wellfitting definitely gives a nice uplifted and round cleavage! This is my first time trying a longline and I like the wider band for more support.
Size pictured: 40HH