Liftsational Extra Deep Plunge in Beige | 38A - 50H

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You are very full on the top and want to rock some serious cleavage with an extra low gore and lower cups. And you still expect a bra to lift up and support.

Whether your breasts are full and set close together, or you just want a bra that doesn't show in a low-cut top, the Extra Deep Plunge is your girls' BFF.

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Great for: breasts full on top, plunge bra

Type: bra

Never again let a bra ruin your fabulous cleavage 

Let's be open: some of us like to reveal more.

Stay bossy

The very first time I was called 'bossy' by an American guy at work I thought it was a compliment. He must have felt pretty confused when I thanked him, flattered, for appreciating my role in the team.

You see, this is one very cool thing about being a foreigner who has grown up in a different language. You don't read between the lines and you misinterpret snarky remarks as if they were meant to lift your spirits. And when you do, people start thinking it takes guts to act like that.

Bye bye, red marks in between!

Effect on Your Breasts:

  • Very deep gathered cleavage
  • Uplift
  • Support
  • Rounding
  • Modest contouring

Full Design Specs:

Ultra light foam lining yes
Seams on cup yes
Narrow wires yes
Gore height Low
Cup separation ¾ inch
Band height Regular
U-back/leotard back yes
Side boning no
Fully adjustable straps yes
# Rows of hooks 3
# Hooks to fasten 2 to 3, depends on cup size
Origin From Poland with


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