Liftsational Longline Demi in Beige | 26DD - 50G NEW YEAR SALE

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What you will like about Liftsational Longline Demi in Beige | 26DD - 50G NEW YEAR SALE:

You like the retro appeal of a tall band bra, and your breasts feel best when rounded up from the very bottom.

Unlike typical shapewear that squeezes and compresses, the demi cut with longline band gives you a stunning, Marie Antoinette-style cleavage, while smoothing both sides and the back. 

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A proper definition

No more bra bulge on the sides

Just a girl

"Now briefly about our team" — said a woman in her mid 20s as she moved to the last slide of her pitch deck. She was a start-up co-founder, smart and charismatic, a perfect mix to captivate a panel of investors and mentors.

"John is the CEO. Tom is the CTO" — she recited her teammates' roles.

"And I'm the marketing girl".

The judges got shocked by the striking contrast between fancy C-titles and the girl:

"You clearly lead the show here, why don't you credit yourself with a relevant role definition? After all, you don't describe your buddies as programming boys"

"I've never thought about it this way" — she responded, — "I guess I always have been called just a girl."

No more stress on the shoulders

Effect on Your Breasts:

  • Marie Antoinette-style cleavage
  • Uplift
  • Support
  • Rounding
  • Side smoothing
  • Modest contouring

Full Design Specs:

Ultra light foam lining yes
Seams on cup yes
Narrow wires yes
Gore height Mid-height
Cup separation ¾ inch
Band height Tall (+2½ inch)
U-back/leotard back no
Side boning no
Fully adjustable straps yes
# Rows of hooks 2
# Hooks to fasten 5
Origin From Poland with


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