Liftsational Longline Plunge in Beige | 26DD - 50H NEW YEAR SALE

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What you will like about Liftsational Longline Plunge in Beige | 26DD - 50H NEW YEAR SALE:

The tall longline band carries 95% of your breast weight, providing even more support and completely removing stress from your shoulders.

With signature plunge cups this bra rounds and lifts your bust up, sculpting from your body a breathtaking hourglass. 

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Side smoothing & sensational cleavage

Marilyn Monroe would love it.

There is no one-shape-fits-all

A sunny California afternoon, four ladies sipping bubbles and chatting about bras, and my friend declared:

“Women don’t like wires. Wires pinch, wires dig, wires are hard and cold. It’s the antonym of comfort.”

The other friend, a chilled Californian, couldn't agree:

"Are you kidding me? Wireless is the antonym of comfort! I don't even feel my wires."

All of us, bra wearers, have had different experience with underwired bras. Sadly, the mass market brands treat wires as a one-shape-fits-all, secondary detail, making so many women hate wires for good.

The bra wires, to be comfy, have to fit you and your shape.

Bye bye, shoulder pressure and digging straps

Effect on Your Breasts:

  • Gathered cleavage
  • Uplift
  • Support
  • Rounding
  • Side smoothing
  • Modest contouring (doesn't make breasts look bigger)

Full Design Specs:

Ultra light foam lining yes
Seams on cup yes
Narrow wires yes
Gore height Mid-height
Cup separation ¾ inch
Band height Tall (+2½ inch)
U-back/leotard back no
Side boning no
Fully adjustable straps yes
# Rows of hooks 2
# Hooks to fasten 5
Origin From Poland with


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